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Our trip to Phoenix, March/April 2006
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Day 11, April 6th - Albuquerque to Tucumcari, including Petroglyph National Monumnet, the Pueblo Cultural Center and Santa Fe.

We left about 7:45 AM, following city thoroughfares from the north side to the west side, and coming out exactly where we wanted. We arrived at Petroglyph National Monument just as it opened and drove over to the trails. It was cold, windy and the sand was blowing, so we didn't take as many pictures as we'd thought we would. Here's a sample.

Sandra's shot.
A large lava flow from volcanoes stopped just west of Albuquerque. The black basalt picked up desert varnish, as well, so the early natives (and almost everyone since) stopped and pecked in their images.
Sandra's close-up.
Bill's duck
Bill's duck.
Lots of glyphs
Sandra's - lots of glyphs.
A face
Bill's face shot.
Is this old or is this "Kilroy"? - by Sandra.
spirals and sky
Spirals in the jumble - by Bill.
Back toward Albuquerque
Back toward Albuquerque - note the small sandstorm to the left.

Back to the Interstate and guessed the right exit for the Pueblo Cultural Center. We toured the museum and again learned about the different languages and traditions of the various pueblos. The only pictures allowed were in the courtyard, so we took these of some of the murals there.

horse mural
Horse mural
Dancer mural
Dancer mural (Sandra's shot)
Eagle dance mural
Eagle dance mural

On to Santa Fe where one must feed the parking meters and we were lucky to find a place for lunch. As it happened, we got a window seat by the courtyard and Bill saw a picture right out the window.

Bill's Best of Show
Bill's "Best of Show" from the courtyard at The Shed Cafe
Sandra on the Plaza
Sandra on the Plaza
Courtyard at museum - by Sandra
Courtyard at museum - by Sandra
View of sellers at Governor's Palace
View of sellers at Governor's Palace
Peppers - by Sandra
View of art museum
Courtyard at museum - by Sandra
Sandra taking pictures
Sandra taking pictures at Art Museum courtyard
bench with sunglasses
Bench with sunglasses

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