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Our trip to Phoenix, March/April 2006
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Day 4, March 30th - Tombstone to Phoenix, including Tombstone, Saguaro NP and Casa Grande Ruins NM

We got up early and did some sight-seeing of the sites around Tombstone. First site was Boot Hill, then we checked out the main drag and finished up with the old courthouse museum.

A row of crosses
A row of graves at Boot Hill
Losers in the gunfight
Graves of the losers in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral
Tombstone's main street
Not much activity this early
Bird Cage Theater
Famous Bird Cage Theater has the original bar - by Sandra
Crystal Palace bar
Crystal Palace bar - by Sandra
Street view
Street view - by Sandra
2 story building?
An imposing 2-story building
But consider the nature of a boom town - appearances can be decceiving.
but appearances are deceing
And here's proof
Hangman's noose
From the gallows at the courthouse
The tour guide
The Tour Guide of Tombstone - Arnold Palmer Schwarzenegger Barker, Jr.
door to roses
Door to the Worlds Largest Rose Bush - Sandra's 2nd place winner at Clinton MO art show

On to Saguaro Nat'l Park (east unit)

cactus close-up
Cactus close-up - by Sandra
Bill's cactus
Reach! Bill's MMA contest entry (no ribbon)
Bill's cactus closeup
Bill's cactus close-up
Lots of arms
Lots of arms on this saguaro
Sandra landscape shot
Another cactus landscape - by Sandra
3 in a row
3 in a row - by Sandra
Ocotillo in bloom
Ocotillo in bloom
Ocotillo framing saguaro
Ocotillo framing saguaro
Ocotillo and Saguaro
Ocotillo and Saguaro
the cactus trail
The Cactus Trail

Final sight-seeing stop - Casa Grande Ruins NM

Overall ruins view
Overall ruins view
Close-up of ruins
Close-up of ruins
Not a lot left
Casa Grande - much not so grand any more
Close-up of ruins
Sandra's close-up of the ruins
This is a Hohokam site dating from pre-Spanish times.
Sphinx - or Bill's view of the same bit of ruin

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