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Our trip to Phoenix, March/April 2006
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Day 9, April 4th - Phoenix to Flagstaff, including Montezuma Castle & Sedona.

We left about 7:15 in the AM, heading for Sedona. We stopped for gas at an Indian casino and noted that the road to Montezuma Castle ruins were there. Took the side road and really enjoyed the visit.

Small butterfly
The naturalist tried to show us the world's smallest butterfly - couldn't get a picture, so took this slightly larger critter instead.
Montezuma's Castle ruin - Sandra's view
Sandra's shot of the Montezuma Castle ruin.
Bill's view
Bill's view, with sky.
Close up with Bill's telephoto.
Early discoverers called the site Montezuma's Castle because they thought it had been prepared as a place for Montezuma to escape to. According to stories, the original inhabitants departed to either join or become the Hopi.
Another close-up
Close-up froma different angle.

We headed on toward Sedona, after a 20 mile backtrack because the scenic road we planned to take was closed because snow was expected.

Sandra's first view of the red rocks
Sandra's first view of the red rocks
Bill liked the view
One of Bill's views
View from the fancy church
Sandra's view from the church
Bill's shot same area
Bill's shot, same area as church
Bill tried something artsy
Bill tried something artsy
Along the stream
Along the stream
Roots along the stream
Sandra's shot of gnarled roots along the stream
Sedona was interesting, the scenery was great, even under rather drab skies (that snowstorm coming); the traffic and the stores along the road kind of made us think of Branson but with art rather than music.
A panoramic view of Sedona
A panoramic view of Sedona

Then, it was up Oak Creek Canyon - and a ride full of traffic it was. Shots from the park/overlook at the top.

Canyon view
View of the canyon, with winding road.
It was cold, high, cold, windy, cold & gloomy. Did I say cold?
A big climb
Altitude sign at top of canyon

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