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Our trip to Phoenix, March/April 2006
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Day 1 , March 27th - Warrensburg to Guymon - Hooker OK sign - Sign at Hooker, OK

Day 2, March 27th - Guymon OK to Ruidoso NM

The next morning, we headed west on US-54 to Tucumcari, home of the Mesalands Dinosaur Museum and a neat mural.

Dinosaur mural
Dinosaur mural at Mesalands Museum
Dinosaur skull in bronze
Camarasaurus skull - it's a plant eater
Dinosaur mount
He was a meat eater
Sandra likes ceratopsians
Sandra with Triceratops
A nasty-looking Allosaur
Allosaur from the rear
Look! He's going to eat the donor plaque!
A raptor claw
Killing claw for a raptor
T-Rex skull
T-Rex skull
A scenic mural
A scenic mural
Tucumcari has many murals. This was the best we saw, on a building close to downtown. It shows a lot of native animals. If you stan up close, there's even a family of Jackelopes.
Close-up of tucumcari mural
Mural close-up

Next stop was Fort Sumner, home of Bosque Redondo and Billy the Kid's grave
Bosque Redondo memorial, Ft. Sumner
Bosque Redondo memorial
Ft. Sumner is where the Navajo were moved to when they were evicted from their homeland in the 1860s. It's also where Pat Garrett shot Billy the Kid (although that story has its detractors
Billy the Kid's grave, Ft. Sumner
Billy the Kid's grave (they think)

Next stop - Roswell. You KNOW what we did there!
Sandra with painted pony
A painted pony at the UFO museum. Covered with news stories from 1947.
Sandra visiting the alien autopsy
Sandra visiting the alien autopsy
Sandra with crash mural
Now watch where you're pointing!
A spaceship of sequins, UFO Museum
A spaceship of sequins, UFO Museum

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