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Our trip to Phoenix, March/April 2006
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Day 3, March 29th - Ruidoso NM to Tombstone AZ

Our first stop was White Sands National Monument.

White Sands visitor center
White Sands visitor center
Dunes at White Sands
Dunes at White Sands - by Sandra
Dune and Yucca
Dune & Yucca - by Sandra
Fence and dune vegetation
Fence and dune vegetation - by Sandra
The dune advances
The dune advances - by Sandra
Sandra at the dunes
And here she is!
Shelters at White Sands
Shelters at White Sands - one of Sandra's MMA contest entries
Yucca silhouette
Yucca against the sky - Sandra also entered this in MMA contest
Yucca on the flats
Sandra took this one of Mickey Mouse?
Bill's yucca picture
Bill's Yucca picture
Bill's dune shot with vegetation
Bill's dune shot with vegetation
Bill's artsy dunes shot
Bill's artsy dunes shot
Sandra on the dune
Sandra looking for a winner
Sandra took almost three rolls of film at White Sands, while Bill took 50 shots with his digital.
Sandra's taking anoter picture
Sandra's taking another picture

Next stop was Las Cruces, where we visited with Sandra's Uncle Murray
Sandra & Murray, with burro
Sandra & Murray, with burro
Downtown Las Cruces has been turned into a mall, with sculpture. Biggest business in the mall seems to be the used book store.
Sandra & Murray - close up
Sandra & Murray - close up

Last stop and overnight in Tombstone! Don't scroll down if easily embarrassed
Playing dress-up at Big Nose Kate's
Playing dress-up at Big Nose Kate's.
More showing off
More showing off at Big Nose Kate's.
She's in the Jail House Now
She's in the Jail House Now.
Painting over bar
Did this artist confuse what part of Kate's anatomy was supposed to be big?
Time to leave the place
Time to leave the place?
Sunset over Tombstone
Sunset over Tombstone.

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